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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Vita Books regrets to announce the death of Dr. Branko Bokun aged 91 on Saturday 1st January 2011 in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital after a short illness. 

He is survived by his son and two grandchildren and many who regarded him as father, mentor and friend.




Vita Books was established in 1986, by Dr. Branko Bokun, the author of three best sellers; The Spy in the Vatican (1973 published by Tom Stacey in the U.K., Praeger in the U.S.A), Man the Fallen Ape (1977 Published by Abacus in the U.K., Doubleday in the U.S.A.) and Humour Therapy.  Dr. Bokun has also had books published in Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and Serbian. For more about these and his other titles please go to the relevant pages of this website.


Femina Sapiens


Dr. Bokun’s latest book, ‘Femina Sapiens: Matriarchy for Humanities Sake is now available to read online .


In 2005, Hazel S. Smith joined Vita Books and has since assisted Dr. Bokun to write ‘The Origin of the Mind and its Follies’ and most recently Dr. Bokun’s memoirs ‘Memoirs of a Nomadic Humorist’, are available to read on-line or to buy through this website.


Currently Vita Books only publishes books by Dr. Bokun, however we intend to publish books by others in the future – watch this space. Click here for the latest news about Vita Books and Dr Bokun.


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